Home is your best friend

“NONT’s best friend”

Were your residence a person, you would probably dream that she or he were your soulmate with whom you could always be yourself, the best friend who would reach out whenever you needed a helping hand. It is no exaggeration to say that “your home” is where you can laugh, and perhaps cry, out loud.

As a comfort zone filled with a sense of unique identity, the residence is a representation that clearly reflects its owner’s true self and personality. Often, travelling brings new people and exciting experiences; it is, however, a comfort zone that we all tirelessly quest for, the place where we can truly be ourselves and lead a happy life.
Designing home for an avid traveller begins with gaining some fascinating insights into his life. Since travelling provides new experience, broadens worldview, and makes people grow, as well as builds up life experiences through the lenses of travellers, for the owner full of wanderlust, packing is therefore one of his happiest moments. From place to place, the inner feelings are vibrantly aroused, no different from the time when he meets new people with different personalities. Some places may cause him to be bubbling with excitement while another may be so superb that he is tempted to look closer, and others give the sense of calmness and security.

To make a residence a comfort zone for the client who has travelled the world and witnessed a wide spectrum of extraordinarily designed hotels across the world, we give meticulous attention to material selection. Applying “Futuristic Materials”, one of our interpretations, to design, we focus on selecting only globally sourced fine materials and analyzing their properties for practicality in the belief that “home is where you can be yourself”. Therefore, each type of materials is painstakingly selected in response to the owner’s lifestyle. For example, if he is a wine lover, coated textiles are used for furnishing because when wine spills, the fabric is impermeable, like water that rolls down on a lotus leaf.

If the owner has an allergy, allergy-free paint with the same scientifically proven formula as child-safe paint used in pediatrics centres will be selected for safer indoor air quality and to ensure that every breath is clean, safe and happy.
In addition to meticulous care of material selection, close attention to the owner’s habits which can provide insights into interior design is given. The bedside sockets, for instance, are installed at the convenient positions. This particular detail is included in the design process to ensure that all elements of interior design are built upon the owner’s habits, lifestyle, personality and identity, making home a person with whom the owner is familiar, the person who truly understands his needs.


We provide the esthetic of living lux,

not only for to day but we

forward to tomorrow

Architectural structure is another highlighted element. From the beginning we work with architects and engineers to ensure that every detail meets the requirements of the client, whether it is the high ceiling that allows the maximum amount of natural light or subtraction of redundant details to create simple luxury that is practical and easy to care.

These elements constitute “timeless aesthetics” with carefree maintenance. The blue tone is used to represent the ocean, the owner’s memorable experience when living in the US. The white and modern-style architecture is a symbol of peace in which modernity exudes the positive energy for everyday life.

While peaceful aesthetics are a whisper of taste of the client, the futuristic materials—specially protected coated fabric, high-quality artificial marbles, allergy-free paint and a smart kitchen are Artra Interior’s keyword of Tomorrow Luxury.

drive forward to the future

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