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A luxury interior design and turnkey service company, Artra Interior provides hands-on services from the earliest stage of design concept right through the completion of a project with meticulous attention to detail to create the aesthetic of luxurious bespoke interiors which reflects your true personality.

With Artra Interior, not only are beautifully crafted interior designs created, but dreamy imaginations are turned into reality wherever it is desired, allowing you to indulge “The Art of Superior Living” as if you were presented with a precious gift that is the only one of its kind in this world.

We design

“Tomorrow Luxury”

Tomorrow luxury design

Under the concept of “Tomorrow Luxury”, Artra Interior focuses on being “a leader” in establishing the most uncompromising standards for our discerning clients. Our interior design and decorating transcend the present aesthetic to reflect the future spirit, thus delivering timeless aesthetics. To deliver exceptional quality of life that gives enduring pleasure, we collaborate with our partners in seeking new technologies to ensure the clients’ complete satisfaction, which highlights our commitment to being a leader in the interior design industry and expresses constant readiness for moving forward into the future.

Artra Interior Theme

Three key elements of Artra Interior’s DNA:

Innovative: We never cease to invent, whether it be innovation that makes life easier, services that we offer, or on-trend designs that are gorgeously expressed at a particular period. All elements are judiciously brought together in the client’s property plan to create more superior quality of life for tomorrow.

Luxury: A source of pride, luxury is reflected in all elements from the exceptional standards of the quality of design details and material selection to the well-executed beautifully finished projects.

Timeless: To achieve timeless aesthetics, Artra Interior is committed to creating the aesthetic that will pass on to the next generations and cannot be taken away by time.

Tomorrow luxury design

Our team, Our soldie
who fight for the greatest
living experience of
Artra interior’s dear clients.

Luxury Brand Craft

The essence of Artra Interior’s distinguished identity of interior design and decorating is created to serve your needs both in terms of function and emotion. As for function, our team of inspectors who possess a wealth of experience and expertise seamlessly integrate functionality with your personality and lifestyle. This is
not a thinking process of general design standard, but a personalized design, or customized design, in which painstaking attention to detail is provided to ensure that the finished project admirably fulfil your needs.

For Artra Interior, aesthetics are an amalgam of design professional factors such as colour matching and materials selection which create a perfect rhythm in designs. Most importantly, the capabilities of designers with good taste are an indispensable factor. The aesthetic rhythm is therefore the product of meticulously crafted work of designers who give close attention to every single square inch.

As for emotion, our ethos is to “craft your inevitable dream”, making it necessary for our designers to have a rich depth of insight into the real you, to understand your emotions, your feelings and even your dreams before interpreting it, bringing it to life, and leading to the creation that sparks all the senses: visual, gustatory, olfactory, auditory, and tactile.

Then, each piece of “your inevitable dream” are put together with our designer’s skill set. Each design project is therefore never curated as a separated single element and assembled piece by piece, yet the aesthetic of the whole picture is envisaged and a close look at each detail is subsequently taken. This is a technique of high art creation where your dream and superior taste of the designer are intertwined.

With our potentialities, capabilities and professional expertise, Artra Interior’s design projects are not limited to residential properties and serve the needs at the individual level, but cover a wide spectrum of space design, international interior concept and construction, from many national and international hotel groups, workplace of leading local companies to international organizations and public space.

The Residential Interior Design for

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Baan Sansiri

The Gentry

Athenee Residence


The Esse


The Residences at Sindhorn



The Palazzo

Baan Rajprasong

Quarter 31

The Line

Noble Ploenchit


Grand Bangkok Boulevard




Lake Legend



Oka Haus

PPS Office

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