Luxury Interior Design

& Full Turnkey Service

Mission: Artra Interior aims to deliver the best experience in turning your dream into reality through interior design and decorating. Whether it is a residential property, a penthouse, a hotel, a workplace, or any type of space, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with complete satisfaction through our nine commitments:
The design that matches your lifestyle needs: with experience and expertise in interior design and decorating for exclusive projects, we always interpret and respond to our clients’ different “brief” and “needs”, thus reaching solutions which are both functional and aesthetic.
The design that responds to individual needs: with close attention to detail, Artra Interior’s selected designers craft each project with great care to ensure that the design responds to your aesthetic needs and dream.
At Artra Interior, luxury is defined as exceptional quality of life with maximum comfort both physically and mentally. In every single stage of work, we guarantee you trustworthy and accurate information which has been carefully verified by our team of trusted professional designers.
Only the best quality materials for a better life: at Artra Interior, we select only globally sourced high-quality materials to deliver the most inspirational luxury and living experience to you, our “special person”.
For Artra Interior, aesthetics are an amalgam of design professional factors such as colour matching and materials selection which create a perfect rhythm in designs. Most importantly, the capabilities of designers with good taste are an indispensable factor. The aesthetic rhythm is therefore the product of meticulously crafted work of designers who give close attention to every single square inch.
Effective budget management: At Artra Interior, budget is effectively managed and controlled, both for designing and material selection, to ensure prefect happiness of our clients.
Realising that interior design is closely linked with your daily lifestyle, at Artra Interior, we offer project management and implementation that makes your life easier, from the moment of an empty space to the completion of timeless aesthetics.
Our systematic inspection assures you that all of the process is implemented as planned and promised. Also, our technical staff who create beautifully “crafted” interiors ensure that your dream will come true. These are factors that make us unique and distinguished.
Imagine how pleasing it is if you could spend more time happily enjoying other aspects of life while the interior design and decorating is being managed and implemented smoothly as planned and without the need for your presence on-site. What you only need to do is to follow your timeline, from moving in to buying appliances, or selecting an auspicious date for moving. Or should it be a commercial project, you can simply start writing your business plan.

Then, How much does your life quality cost?

The essence of Artra Interior’s distinguished identity of interior design and decorating is created to serve your needs both in terms of function and emotion. As for function, our team of inspectors who possess a wealth of experience and expertise seamlessly integrate functionality with your personality and lifestyle. This is certainly not a thinking process of general design standard, but a personalized design, or customized design, in which painstaking attention to detail is provided to ensure that the finished project admirably fulfil your needs.

As for emotion, our ethos is to “craft your inevitable dream”, making it necessary for our designers to have a rich depth of insight into the real you, to understand your emotions, your feelings and even your dreams before interpreting it, bringing it to life, and leading to the creation that sparks all the senses: visual, gustatory, olfactory, auditory, and tactile. Then, each piece of “your inevitable dream” are put together with our designer’s skill set. Each design project is therefore never curated as a separated single element and assembled piece by piece, yet the aesthetic of the whole picture is envisaged and a close look at each detail is subsequently taken. This is a technique of high art creation where your dream and superior taste of the designer are intertwined.
We believe that investment in high-quality interior design and decorating is synonymous with investment in high quality of life, both for today and tomorrow, in the same fashion as city dwellers living in a carefully designed city. To be more specific, design and interior decorating directly benefits the quality of life of the property owners. Consider different perspectives and experience a new way of looking at interior design and decorating from a different angle. If spending on interior design means spending on quality of life, what price will you pay for it?

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